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RedDoor cafe

The best gaming-cafe in Coimbatore!

The hunt for a gaming café and restaurant brings us at the Manchester of South India, a neighbourhood that has now become a buzzing hangout with restaurants and cafes sprouting up in every nook and cranny.

The latest on the block is Red Door Cafe — located right above Super Star Pizza. The eye-catching door, tinted symbolically red, welcomes us into a mildly lit, cosy 50-seater restaurant with projected screen background songs.

Feeling Bored?

A rustic Tic-Tac-Toe solitaire board awaits us at the table — which, along with a few other games like Uno and Jenga, helps break the monotony for those who do not wish to partake in the gaming arena.

The Centroid

“A restaurant that combines a gaming hub is quite the rarity . We currently have three PS4 consoles games offering favourites like FIFA'19, FIFA'20, Assasins Creed, WWE 2k18, Mortal Combact, NFS, GTA, Call of Duty and Tekken among others.

Celebration or Special event:

The one who celebrates the birthday should feel special isn't it?. And that's why we are here to make the day special at the Reddoor cafe's thegamehub

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